The Ultimate Carpet Maintenance Tips

The floor should be one of the cleanest places in your house, yet it hardly ever is. Carpet and floor maintenance is rarely exercised by households, especially if the families there are the busy types that have much more urgent responsibilities than the quality of their floors. But it is hardly just the quality of the floor that matters, the cleanliness is important for health-related reasons as well. You use the carpet every day. Dust and dirt accumulates there on an hourly basis, and eventually becomes a problem for your respiratory system. Your pets shed hair and have ‘accidents’ over them, and your kids are left playing with their toys over all of this. This is why you need to exercise frequent floor maintenance, and here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

  • Starting with the obvious, dirt prevention is always the best cure for dirt. If you don’t walk over the carpet with the shoes you walked in from outside, it won’t get dirty as fast.
  • Regular vacuuming is highly recommended. If you put the vacuum cleaner to use on a daily basis, you will hardly ever be bothered by dust, and your floors will be kept in tip top shape.
  • Scotchgard is a great tool for keeping the carpet clean, but it doesn’t make it impervious to dirt. Scotchgard only protects your carpet from dirt and stain penetration temporarily and still requires a fast reaction when you do spill something. Procrastination means ruining your floors.
  • You can use natural cleaning products from your kitchen, but you still need to make sure the type of carpet you have can handle them. Baking soda, club soda, and white vinegar might be excellent cleaners in most situations, but the sodas are abrasive enough to damage gentler carpets, and vinegar’s acidic properties can cause discoloration to the more pretentious types.
  • Oriental carpets and rugs can be cleaned with shampoo. The rug cleaning is especially simple and should be done entirely in the bathroom and the whole rug should be thoroughly scrubbed. Carpet cleaning is more restricted, so you have to do it locally, but you can always take it outside.
  • Most carpet cleaners work perfectly to keep your carpets in shape, but you should be careful with the ones that contain more chemicals. They can thin your carpet’s fibres, and also be hazardous to the health. Kids have developed rashes after spending too much time on a chemically-cleaned carpet, so be careful.
  • “Steam cleaners are an excellent and organic choice of cleaning the carpet, but avoid using them on oriental products as they are softer and the piles may stiffen,” said a representative from Collins Tile & Stone, a provider of kitchen remodeling in Northern Virginia. “The moist heat exposure can also ruin the carpet’s dye.”
With these tips, you should be ready to face any type of stain or floor trouble. Prevention is the best way to lengthen the periods between carpet cleanings, but you will eventually have to face the dirt. Establish a cleaning routine and follow it to have squeaky clean floors.