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Why cabinets and countertops are critical to kitchen remodeling

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Both cabinets and countertops play a strong role in kitchen remodeling. Kitchen cabinets are usually the most expensive part of this room’s remodel, taking about 35% of the budget. Countertops might be the supporting player, but they serve a major aesthetic and functional purpose, becoming focal points, keeping us organized, and providing food preparation space.

At Galaxie Floor Stores we know the installation process is as important as the product. These items are a major investment. You not only want them to look great, but even the slightest mistake can affect the overall room layout.

Why you want professional installation

Whether a kitchen remodeling or a bath spruce-up, this is not the place where you want a mistake made. Guard your investment; you don't want to pay a lot for a product then have the installation go awry. Here's what we can bring to your table:

  • Experience. Measuring has to be 100% accurate; otherwise, they'll be issues with open doors and uneven flooring. Improper measuring can also trap the appliances. They attach to the subfloor, so if proper clearance isn't made, part of the floor might have to be cut to get them out at replacement time.

We'll also inspect the product, set the cabinet heights, and blueprint the wall for layout.

  • You'll save money in the long-term. This is what we do for a living. That means we have the proper tools for which we pay wholesale. With our expertise enables us to do it correctly and fast, minimizing costly repairs, replacements, and personal logistics,


Stone countertop installation

There are many countertop materials, such as laminate or solid surfacing, but granite or quartz is the most popular. This requires fabrication, a kind of manufacturing process. The slabs are cut, molded, and shaped to fit the counter. Different edges are used and all need to be properly aligned.

For more information on cabinets, countertops, kitchen remodeling, or any of our other products or services, visit the Galaxie Floor Stores showroom in any of our two locations: Bloomington or Apple Valley, MN. We service the Minneapolis area; including Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, and Eagan. We provide a free in-home measuring. Ask about our design consultations.

A large selection of cabinets and countertops!

Here you'll find a heartwarming atmosphere, experienced designers, and high-quality cabinetry.

If you spent all winter staring at your old cabinets, wondering whether replacing them would be the best use of your home improvement budget, there are plenty of reasons why you should consider new cabinetry. Modern kitchen cabinets have been designed and built out of material that is resistant to bacteria, dirt and harmful kitchen residue. Replacing old cabinets may even improve the health of your family.

Think about it, older cabinets with sticky drawers and doors that won’t open or close properly increase the amount of time you spend on each kitchen task. Similarly, depending on your current cabinet design, you may not be using your kitchen space as efficiently as you could be.

Our surroundings influence our mood. If you are unsatisfied with the way your kitchen looks, it can negatively impact your emotional health. Replacing old, dark cabinets with something new and light can be a great way to improve your mood and kitchen space. New cabinets can make you feel proud to be in your kitchen, contributing greatly to a positive outlook on your life.

Today’s kitchen cabinetry come in a wide variety of styles and material to suit all tastes and budgets. If you have been putting off this home improvement project because of monetary issues, the cost may be significantly less than you think. Having your cabinets installed by a trained professional can reduce home improvement repair costs in the long run. Contact us to learn more!