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How to have a gorgeous laminate flooring installation

Did you ever see those glamorous glossy wood floors in the design pages and think “Oh, if only I could afford that.” You can, with laminate wood flooring. It can be cut into planks to mimic hardwood boards and is so realistic even the design professionals have a hard time telling the difference from that and genuine wood.

At Galaxie Floor Stores, we know that proper installation is as important as the actual product itself. The product should always be of high quality, but if the installation is sloppy by skipping some crucial steps, you won't have a floor that lasts for very long. This is where we also come in because we don't leave without giving you tips and suggestions on care.

We understand the product

That might seem obvious, but product quality will affect the installation. Laminate flooring is a layered item, made from pressed wood. We know that wood can be damaged by excess water and act accordingly. The boards need to fit very tightly together. Sometimes they also require sealing and caulking.

Water damage isn't an option. We use the right sealants and materials around pipes to keep water and moisture from getting under the floor. Otherwise, it will seep to the surface floor, creating mold and mildew and, eventually, de lamination.

Floating floors still require care

It is fast, easy and the installer’s dream, but that doesn’t mean it can be sloppy. Subfloors, especially, play an important role in the floating floor, so we’ll be sure it’s clean, free of debris, dry and level and do any necessary repairs. Otherwise, those imperfections can be seen through the flooring material.

As the name implies, a floating floor just hovers over most existing subfloors with no nailing or adhesives necessary. There’s a click-and-lock technique if you have it cut into planks or tiles, but sheet vinyl can also become a floating floor.

For more information about a laminate flooring installation or any of our other products and services, visit the Galaxie Floor Stores showroom at any of our two locations: Bloomington and Apple Valley, serving the Minneapolis area; including Apple Valley, Bloomington, Burnsville, and Eagan. We provide a free in-home measuring and be sure to ask about our design consultations. Our pros are skilled in flooring, cabinetry, coloring, and window treatments.

Beautiful laminate flooring options in the Twin Cities!

We also provide professional installation services.

Laminate floors are made up of materials combined to create the illusion of a hardwood floor. Laminate flooring is very easy to install and it blends well in essentially any room. In addition, it is cost-efficient. It comes in beautiful colors and patterns, providing you with many visual options. It is easy to clean as well.

Laminate flooring is an environmentally friendly option. It is a great choice for those who desire sustainable flooring but cannot afford options such as cork or bamboo. Thanks to better manufacturing methods, it is more than possible that your floor will last 25 years or longer. This is great news for those who believe the misconception that only hardwood floors will last so long.

If you own a rental property and are looking for a way to renovate it for tenants at a decent cost, we recommend that you consider laminate. Your tenants will be please by the comfort offered.

Laminate flooring is also conducive to various styles of homes and decor themes. Studio apartments often use it. It is a popular option in stucco homes, bungalows and even in commercial buildings as well. The industrial theme lends itself well to this type of flooring and a mid-century themed home would benefit from it.

Before you purchase this style of flooring, your space should be measured. Although it is possible to install it yourself, we recommend talking with the Minneapolis – St. Paul installation experts at Galaxie Floor Stores to ensure that the process is done correctly. We will also provide you with advice on how to properly maintain the floor so that it lasts for decades and keeps its beautiful appearance.

Because laminate flooring is inexpensive, you will have more “wiggle room” to put your money towards other home renovations, such as new paint, furniture, and updated appliances.