Style 101

Looking for an easy way to upgrade tired rooms and boost the value of your home? Then look no further than your floor. Sure, flooring may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a quick face-lift, but taking a look at the countless flooring options offered in today’s market, adopting a new look for your floor may be the best move towards improving your home décor and property value.

Top Flooring Trends: What Does the Market Have to Offer?

Luxurious Vinyl. Although the term ‘luxurious vinyl’ might sound like a contradiction in terms, it is true that vinyl is getting more cozy and upbeat. In fact, according to the World Floor Covering Association (WFCA), the rise in popularity of vinyl as a floor covering can be attributed to the extraordinary photographic technology that makes it possible to design vinyl that mimics other materials so closely you have to look twice. For example, you could settle for vinyl that resembles reclaimed wood to add a rustic touch to your home décor.

Wood. With the advent of the ‘open room’, a concept that merges the kitchen with the family room, it is fast becoming normal to spot hardwood floor in kitchens all over homes in the U.S. At the moment, dark and blonde wood tones are the most popular flooring styles with laminate versions following closely. If you are looking to achieve a contemporary style, a blonde tone of oak, maple or ash will do the trick.

Large-format Tile. The year is 2016 and ceramic tiles for your floor are getting bigger- literally. Tiles that come up to 12″x24″ and even 36″x36″ are particularly popular these days with digital prints that look so realistic you might even mistake some tiles for fabric or wood. Other than looking spectacular, their large size means that you have more tile surface and fewer grout lines to scrub. However, keep in mind that large-format tiles are heavier than the normal-sized tiles and thus require a professional to handle the installation.

Cut-and-loop Carpet. A trend that is more focused towards the patterned carpet, the cut-and-loop design allows you to cut partly and loop your carpet to create a desired pattern. Needless to say, the leading carpet manufacturers in the U.S are also developing new combinations of fiber that give softness a whole new meaning. So as shags and friezes take the backstage, patterned carpets with incredibly soft textures continue to dominate the center stage.

Gray is The New Black. Please, note that this is not a fad fashion color, but a new classic color that has managed to garner customer appeal in the world of décor. Reclaimed floors in gray tones or concrete flooring can instantly provide a backdrop for urban styles and other contemporary decors; be it minimalism or Scandinavian. Best of all, gray floor solutions do not have to be real either, you could indulge in high-definition printed porcelain tiles to create an impressive concrete look with the performance and durability of porcelain tiles.

The floor is the stage on which homeowners base their decor dreams. Get your floor right and chances are your entire décor is going to be a success. Moreover, since the market abounds with countless flooring styles and the information necessary to make an informed choice, it is correct to say that the ball is in your court.