Preparing Concrete Surfaces for Laminate Floor Installation

Laminate flooring is a cost-effective look that will last for many years if installed properly. If you’re interested in saving money and doing the work yourself, we’re here to provide you with an arsenal of information so you that you can successfully install laminate flooring over a concrete surface.

To get the most out of your laminate flooring, it needs to be dry, level and clean. To ensure your floor from letting in moisture, you must let the concrete cure for 30 days. It needs an excessive amount of time to fend off moisture. After the 30 days, you should check the humidity level of your concrete with a moisture meter. If the level is at 4.5 percent or higher, the slab may be unusable for installation.

Once the concrete has passed the moisture test, you can you install plastic sheeting that must be at least 6 millimeters thick. This will prevent any moisture from penetrating your laminate flooring. At the point where the sheets join, be sure to overlap the sheets by several inches, and use strong vinyl tape for security. Plastic Sheeting costs 8 to 12 cents per square foot, and vinyl tape costs about 20 cents per linear foot.

An even surface for laminate flooring is essential. Any bumps or dipping with laminate flooring will cause the flooring to squeak or fall apart. To prevent this, fill low spots with a patch or self-leveling concrete. Any gaps larger than a quarter-inch wide, gouges, and large chips should be filled with a patch. Dips and cracks on the concrete slab should be corrected with self-leveling concrete. Patch costs about $15 per gallon, while self-leveling concrete runs about $40 to $50 a bag. Small portions of self-leveling concrete need a few days to cure.

Be sure to sand down any bumps, and completely remove any imperfections and leftover adhesives from previous flooring. A hammer and chisel can be useful for small bumps, and a grinder is useful for raised spots. If the slab is in poor condition, use a grinder or buffer with a concrete scraper over the surface before using self-leveling concrete.

For maximum comfort when walking on the finished product, you should add a layer of laminate padding on top of the moisture barrier. It will make a noticeable difference and only costs 12 to 15 cents per square foot.

Finally when the concrete is prepped, you may install the laminate like any other kind of sub-flooring. Approach these steps methodically and you will be well on your way to beautiful floors.