How To Pick Stylish, Yet Kid-Friendly Flooring

Guest Post by David Diharce is co-owner of Steamatic of San Antonio, which provides water damage, carpet cleaning and other cleaning and restoration services in South Texas and the Texas Hill Country.

You don’t have to wait for your kids to be grown to have nice things. Well, at least when it comes to flooring. There are plenty of durable floors on the market that can add that extra touch of style you’ve been looking for. Stain resistance, safety and comfort are the top factors at play here, and if you’re concerned about the environment there are floors for you as well. Here are some ideas to help you take charge of your flooring destiny.

Comparing Flooring Materials

Families that decide to go with wood should find a species that is harder than normal, such as oak, hickory or Brazilian cherry. Opt for lighter shades to hide wear and tear, as well as distressed wood that will hide imperfections. While laminate flooring is also a popular stain resistant and durable option, it can be slippery for children and pets.

While technically a grass, bamboo is considered a great choice for those who want hardwood floors because it is stain resistant, durable and environmentally friendly. However, not all brands are created equal, so you will need to stick to reputable names. A luxury vinyl also can be a solid choice for those with children and pets. For those concerned with VOCs, stick to vinyl flooring with the FloorScore certification.

Flooring Installation Tips

If you are in love with a specific type of flooring but are in doubt about whether it can stand the test against your little ones and furry companions, consider installing it in a less trafficked area such as the dining room. When choosing flooring, also consider whether you want it floating or affixed with glue or fasteners. For example, may want floating flooring that is easier to remove when the kids are older. This would be an option for linoleum, engineered wood, plastic laminate, and some types of ceramic tile.