How To Design A Man Cave

A man cave is a popular term used to refer to a special part of the house where a man can get away and spend quality time on his hobbies, unwind or work. It has become quite common for the austere corporate office to be replaced with a home-based hybrid area specially designed for both work and play.

A man cave should reflect a man’s taste, style and personality. That is why it is important to design one that displays these unique preferences. In other words, it should depict who you is both in the inside and the outside.

When it comes to designing a man cave, the space available in the house is a very important thing to consider. If your budget is tight, you could use an existing room to have it set up. Otherwise, if you can afford it, you can build an addition in your backyard.

Nevertheless, if you want to create a man cave that suits your tastes and personality but you have no idea how to go about it, below we have provided some few useful tips you can use to build the perfect man cave.

Setting Up a Man Cave: Useful Tips

Decide on the primary purpose of the man cave. First things first, you need to figure out what activities you intend to carry out inside the cave. Whether you intend to play video games, watch sports, carry out your favorite hobbies, or you simply want to use it as a place to relax, making the decision will help you decide how you will set it up.

Choose a space. A number of parts of the house can easily be transformed into a man cave, including the basement, the attic, the backyard shed to a separate house at the edge of your property.

Select the right color scheme and a visual theme. This again will depend on how you intend to use the room. If for example, if you need it for relaxing and unwinding, choose a calm color such as blue or green.

Choosing the right visual theme is important. You can create a great focal point by placing your trophies, pennants or even sports memorabilia on the wall. If you love a particular musician, you could stick some posters on the walls. The goal is to feel as comfortable as possible.

Pick the most suitable lighting. Of course, the man cave will not look and feel great without proper lighting. Because of the various activities you may intend to perform in the cave, installing varying lighting options is recommended. This way, you can easily adjust the light when you play video games or read a book.