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    There are many benefits to having carpet as a part of your flooring plan. Not only does it look great and can compliment any already existing stylistic themes you may have incorporated in your home décor; it also has many practical applications. Carpet can help keep your home insulated so you utilize less energy.

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    Because carpet is more stain resistant than ever, it is even easier to keep it looking fresh and clean. Having a high-powered vacuum cleaner in the home is the best way to prevent allergens and dust from building up. Regularly scheduled carpet cleaning can also help to improve the life expectancy of your carpet.

    Carpet Care Tips 

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    Once our professionals have assisted you in finding the right color scheme to match your home décor, let us handle the rest. We will provide you with on-site measurements, current flooring removal and installation services, ensuring your carpet looks clean and professional and gives your home a warm and welcoming appearance.

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Whether you are looking to show off your decorative tastes or simply want to make your home feel a little more welcoming, carpet flooring is the perfect way to do both. New, cozy carpet offers you the opportunity to combine comfort with quality without sacrificing your ability to make your home an extension of your personality and lifestyle. There are thousands of designs, textures, and colors to fit any room in your home. The practical benefits of having carpet over hard surface flooring makes it even more appealing to millions of homeowners.

There are other benefits to having carpet flooring. Carpet can reduce your carbon fingerprint by providing insulation to your floor, keeping warm air in the home during the winter months while significantly reducing your energy bill. It also helps trap allergens and dust that would otherwise remain in the air, and installation and long-term maintenance generally costs much less than that of tile or traditional hardwood flooring.

New technology has also made carpet simpler to manufacture. Fibers are now made more durable than ever, and according to recent studies, 85% of a collected 121 million pounds of old/used carpet is able to be recycled into new product, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. So whether you are eco-friendly, artistic, or just want to add a warm, homey touch to your home, carpet is definitely for you. Carpet reduces your home’s “slip and slide” factor and risks, making it a much safer and amicable environment for pets and youngsters.

If you are interested in buying new carpet, do not hesitate to contact the carpeting professionals at Galaxie Floor Stores. Based in Minnesota, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest prices on the highest quality carpet in Minneapolis / St. Paul, as well as Bloomington and Apple Valley. You can view our carpet list or visit one of our Twin Cities locations.