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    Area rugs are perfect for adding style and thematic elements to any room in your home, regardless of what kind of floor plan you already have laid out. Rugs come in a vast assortment of colors, designs and themes and can add warmth and comfort to your hardwood flooring and appeal to the design of your carpet.

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    Like hardwood flooring, area rugs are incredibly simple to keep clean. All it really requires is regular vacuum cleaning and blotting of any spills that might occur. The occasional steam cleaning is also a great way to maintain the life of your rug.

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    There are thousands of styles of area rugs that cover a range of themes, colors, cultures, patterns and designs to choose from. Our Minneapolis / St. Paul team can help you choose based on your floor layout, appearance, tone and color.

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We can custom cut from any carpet we sell and do binding & serging.

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An area rug is a wonderful alternative to investing in brand new flooring for your home. It can be the focal point of the room, or a lovely accent piece to complement your décor. In addition, there are numerous convenient advantages to owning an area rug.

As a homeowner with hard surface floors, at times you may want to feel more cushioning under your feet. That is when you should consider an elegant area rug. Not only will it provide much-needed comfort; it will significantly enhance the appearance of your indoor space. It can reduce some of the sound that results from walking inside your home. Your area rug can insulate the floor and offer warmth. The product is very easy to clean and maintain as well.

Area rugs that will appeal to any homeowner. However, the process of choosing the perfect area rug can be overwhelming. That is why we are here to assist you. Visit one of our Twin Cities locations – in Bloomington or Apple Valley – or give us a call. A member of our devoted, friendly and professional team is ready to help you.