Tile Maintenance

Galaxie Floor Stores understands that you do not need to compromise your health or the cleanliness of your home simply because you are the one doing the cleaning. This is the reason why we have gathered some great tile floor cleaning tips and tricks that are not only eco-friendly, but also safe for your health.

Below are some of our great green tile floor maintenance tips that will enable all our Minnesota customers to maintain the cleanliness of their homes in between visits without compromising their well-being.

Clear the surface debris and dirt
It is important to clear the surface of dirt using a broom or a brush. Once you have swept the surface you intend to clean, collect all the dirt into a heap and put it aside. Once you have moved it aside, vacuum alongside the baseboards to get rid of any dust or dirt that may have built up before setting your vacuum cleaner on its lowest setting. Then vacuum the tiles. After this process of clearing the floor of rubble and free dirt, you are ready to go.

Mix hot water and vinegar
Mix vinegar and very hot water in equal parts in a bucket or pail. Ensure you have another bucketful of water that you can use in rinsing the floor after cleaning. Dip the mop in the pail containing water and vinegar, then squeeze it as much as you can. Use it to mop the floor from side to side and up and down in order to get in between the filling. It will be advisable to make two buckets or more of the water and vinegar mixture to exchange. This is because the mixture becomes dirtier in the case you clean a large surface area.

Rinse the surface and allow it to dry
The final step will be to rinse the floor by dipping the mop in the bucket of water and squeezing out the water as much as possible. Repeat the process of mopping the floor from side to side and up and down. You will now have a clean floor. It is important to give the tile flooring sufficient time to dry before stepping or walking on it.