According to a recent report, nearly 70% of homeowners who have done some form of kitchen remodeling had added their kitchen floors to be a part of the remodeling project. But what is very interesting is that only 24% of the homeowners opted-in for solid wood flooring. The most popular choice was actually engineered flooring, nearing 40%. Tile, vinyl, and laminate neared the end of the report respectively. Natural hardwood flooring’s popularity has been slowly on the decline over the past few years, as engineered alternatives had become more available on the market, and it’s clear that it’s here to stay.

Natural hardwood is becoming less and less popular
The decline of solid natural wood flooring has led to the rise in engineered options, also including laminate and vinyl. These manmade options are becoming increasingly popular due to enhancements in its design and durability. They are also easier to install than traditional hardwood because you do not need to install subflooring. Engineered flooring is now considered the “renovators” choice. Engineered wood is also much more heat and moisture resistant, so it won’t contract of expanding like solid wood tends to do. This gives you many more pportunities of adding wood flooring to a room that maybe would not have been suitable with natural wood.

Natural hardwood isn’t going anywhere anytime soon
Despite the decreasse in its popoularity opposed to engineered wood, natural hardwood is still a fantastic flooring option. One amazing benefit of hardwood flooring is its ability to be refinished to look brand new. Since the blocks are much wider than that of engineered options, it can be sanded down and refninished multiple times over the course of its lifetime, so you can always make your floors look brand new.

Both engineered and natural hardwood flooring are great ways to increase the aesthic and property value of your home.