Vinyl Flooring Installation

Professional Vinyl Flooring Installation in the
Minneapolis – St. Paul Region

The first step in the installation of vinyl flooring is preparation of the sub-floor. The latter is the surface upon which the vinyl flooring will be installed. It is important to note that vinyl is a soft material. Therefore, before installing the floor, ensure that the sub-floor is even and bump-free. Also the sub-floor should be thoroughly cleansed using a neutral cleaning agent. The sub-floor should be completely dry before the installation of the vinyl floor can begin. Additionally, if the sub-floor is too smooth consider applying a primer to help the flooring adhere to the sub-floor.

Apart from the subfloor, the vinyl flooring should also be prepared for installation. The preparation of the vinyl flooring entails allowing it to acclimatize for a minimum of 24 hours at a room temperature of 15 degrees Celsius. The flooring also ought to be cut in to size. To avoid being low on materials, cut the flooring allowing an extra 15 to 20 cm.

The last step in the installation process is the actual installation. This entails installing the flooring in accordance with the direction of the main light source. In case of a corridor or a narrow room, the sheets of flooring should be installed running along the length of the room. For safety and long lasting flooring avoid placing the joints near doorways and other areas with frequent traffic.

There are three main installation methods that you can employ in the installation of vinyl flooring. The first is perfect for a small room and entails unrolling the flooring over the preferred sub-floor and cutting the vinyl flooring to size.

For medium sized rooms, the semi-loose installation method is recommended. This method involves the use of double faced duct tape to secure the flooring. For large rooms, on the other hand, the glued installation is the preferred method. This method entails the use of glue. A water based spray adhesive is recommended when installing vinyl flooring by this method.

Regardless of the vinyl flooring installation method selected, a finish touch will be essential. The finishing touches involve the addition of skirting around a room. The purpose of the skirting is to protect the vinyl flooring edges. The skirting will also add elegance to the finished product. Skirting come in a variety of types the main being flexible self adhesive PVC, flexible double sided self adhesive PVC and hardfloor skirting. The latter skirting is made of wood and can be screwed to the wall. The other two skirting types rely on an adhesive.

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