The number of options that are available when it comes to carpets may shock some people who haven’t thought about it before. There are thousands of styles, colors, and textures from which to choose, which can make planning a carpet installation overwhelming. If you want your new carpet to look great and be trendy, here are some of the hottest trends in carpeting.

Waterproof Carpets
When it comes to the pros and cons of carpet, one of the biggest cons is stains. However, technology has gifted us with the concept of waterproof carpeting to help with this. This kind of carpet is completely waterproof, so you can install it in any room you want, including the bathroom. You can get out of the shower dripping, and still step onto a nice comfortable carpet. It will not trap in the moisture, and therefore will not be a home for mold and other nasties. Since moisture does not penetrate it very well, it is very resistant to stains. Liquids will not soak in, so you can dry and clean it up quickly and easily.

Recycled Carpet
Recycling of any material has been a popular trend for years, but only recently has carpeting become a possible recycled material. Each generation seems to want to recycle more, and new homeowners are jumping on the recycled carpeting bandwagon like never before. These carpets allow a homeowner to have great looking carpet while also being responsible to the environment. It is a more responsible choice in the day and age when consumers are more conscious than ever about the brands and products they use. One of the most popular recycled products to use in carpeting is soda bottles, which are extremely hard on the environment if they end up in landfill. Your new carpeting project could help save the world.

Cut and Loop Carpet
Traditionally, there are two separate types of carpet types called cut and loop. Cut and loop carpets combine the concept into one carpet. Intermingling the different fiber types can give a carpet contrasting textures and allow for some attractive and innovating patterns and designs. They are great for adding some pop to your carpet in a space where you want to make a visual splash.

Frieze Carpet
This type of carpeting is also known as twist carpeting. This involves the fibers of the carpet being twisted together to create a curly look to the carpet. Frieze carpeting is inspired by the popular shag carpeting from the 70’s, but is more modern and attractive. It provides eye-catching visual appeal, which also being comfortable for the feet. What more could you want in your carpet?

Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles come with a host of benefits. For one, it is easier to transport and move around than a large roll of carpet. Also, if you damage one section of traditional carpet, it is hard to replace the whole thing. With carpet tiles, you can simply switch out a tile or two if that section is damaged or permanently stained. If you run out of replacement tiles, you can simply order more. They come in countless colors and patterns, and they are simple to install, since you can simply peel and stick.

Carpet Tile Rugs
One of the issues with rugs is that it can sometimes be a challenge to find one that is just the perfect size for the space. With carpet tile rugs, you can adjust the size to whatever you want. They can often be more affordable than traditional area rugs as well. Area rugs in general are very trendy at the moment, so these rugs that can custom fit any space are very popular.

If you are stuck on trying to figure out how to carpet a space in your home, hopefully these hot carpet trend ideas will help you find the perfect carpet.