As tastes, technology, and demand change, so do the trends when it comes to wood floor finishes. In our more technological world, it seems that finishes that highlight the natural beauty of the wood are more popular than ever, for instance. We are at a point in time when flooring shoppers have more choices to help them find the perfect floor. Here are some of the trends right now.


Gray has always been a popular choice, but it is now really hitting its stride as a trend. The feeling is that gray can help a room seem more modern. Any shade of gray will do. It does a good job of highlighting the texture of the wood, which can really draw the eye. Gray is also neutral, so it goes with most palettes and designs.


As mentioned, there is a movement to show off the beauty of the wood, and texture is a big part of that. That means wood that has been minimally altered, so the knots, grain, and splits are in full display. Wire-brushing involves scraping the top layer of the wood, which highlights those grains even more. Wire-brushed floors do not show scratches and dents as much as other floors, either.


Cerused finished wood means creating an almost white-washed look by “liming” or “pickling” the wood. It is a classic style that has been used since the middle of last century. The cerused look can be combined with wire-brushing to really give a rustic feel to a room. Generally, cerused finishes are beige, white, or gray tones.

Low Luster

Low luster means there is not a lot of gloss on the flooring. In the past, many floor consumers loved a shiny floor. Low luster means the maintenance is not as difficult, since it can help disguise dings, dents, and even footprints. It is also a style that helps bring out the beauty of the wood. Higher gloss floors are more difficult to keep clean and to hide any damage.

Shopping for flooring can sometimes be an intimidating experience. The fact is, though, that there are so many options and styles available that you are almost guaranteed to find just what you are looking for.