The History of Bamboo Floors

Although bamboo has been used as a flooring option for thousands of years, modern manufacturing methods have made it a fashionable and highly resilient choice for both commercial and residential use.

Bamboo is a type of woody grass. Ancient Chinese peasants slashed it and methodically placed it on the ground to create clean floors for their homes.

Today bamboo is used for a wider range of applications but it still provides effective flooring thanks to an existing interest in Asian décor. This interest has led to the introduction of materials ranging from silken fabrics to rice paper furnishings and rattan chairs. During the past decade, bamboo has become a staple ingredient in flooring material.

In Eastern cultures, bamboo had important and symbolic value for hundreds of years, sometimes acting as a symbol of strength, good luck, and flexibility. People now appreciate these attributes and the associated Feng Shui principles that often find their way into interior décor. With such a deep and sprawling history, bamboo holds its place as a reliable and significant building material.

In an effort to maintain current environmental causes, the cutting down of traditional timber such as oak and cedar has been reduced and other types of natural flooring materials have gained popularity. Bamboo is harvested within five years, making it a more viable source of wood compared to other conventional trees.

With scores of people concerned about deforestation and carbon emissions, it explains how bamboo came back to the spotlight as a viable building material. It represents a strong, natural solution for building beautiful and unique floors. Due to its flexibility, bamboo can be used to create unique flooring designs.

Bamboo is a unique and affordable option. It can be used across different climates to provide comfortable flooring for homes all over the world.

Bamboo is transported easily due to its light weight and it can be manufactured without causing harmful emissions into the soil and air. This makes it a popular material for building.

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