Mohawk Industries continues to answer the call when it comes to helping communities in need. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma left devastation in their wake, and many Americans find themselves in dire situations. Mohawk Industries and its associates are pulling together and helping to donate money, supplies, food and water, and to develop other strategies to help.

With flooding being such a widespread issue, the company knows that flooring is going to be in need in the coming weeks and months. For those businesses and homes that were impacted, they’ll need new flooring in place as soon as possible. Mohawk Industries is working with its local distributor to make sure that those affected can get flooring quickly and affordably.

The key to the program is that it works at a local level. People can visit a local dealer and work with them to find a flooring solution and get their businesses and homes back up and running again. Some of those dealers are even taking the efforts to another level by fundraising, donating, and sponsoring families in their areas who were the hardest hit. They understand that some people have lost everything, and the least they can do is help them with one aspect of recovery.

As soon as each of the hurricanes hit, Mohawk made sure that its associates and employees were taken care of. That means ensuring that people had cash to pay for essentials during those emergency times to get them past it. Mohawk also has a plan to help employees not just through this immediate time of need, but over time as well as they feel the long-term impact of such devastation.

Mohawk will also continue its efforts in conjunction with Nature’s Big Springs to provide water to the affected regions by leveraging its transportation system to transport the badly needed bottles. It has also extended and deepened its longtime partnership with the United Way by increasing its corporate donation and directed it to the Texas and Florida chapters.

In times of great need, citizens, the community, and corporate leadership need to come together to make a difference. With Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, Mohawk Industries is leading the way.