Ideas For Your Dream Walk In Closet

There are very few people out there who would not love a walk-in closet in their home. A walk-in closet can give a homeowner the space to store everything they need with easy access. Clothes, shoes, accessories, and everything else that makes up a wardrobe can be found in a walk-in. If you are building one yourself, you may be overwhelmed with the amount of options out there. Here are some great ideas that you will love.

You can create your walk-in closet with shelves and hanging areas that are perfect for the items that you will be storing there. For instance, you may want a taller hanging spot for dresses. Certain items of clothing may also require deeper drawers. You can also create space above and below in the harder to reach places for things that are seasonal or you do not use often.

Of course when we get dressed we have to check ourselves out in the mirror, so do not forget a space for them. You can even install mirrors close to the floor to see how your shoes look, or have floor to ceiling mirrors to get the complete view.

You can absolutely create your space with your personality in mind. You may like the color of deep rich mahogany, or maybe you prefer bright splashes of pink. You can even color the different areas depending on who will be storing things there. “His and hers” color-coded storage areas might be just the thing you need.

It is never a bad idea to include space for seating, no matter the size of your new closet. If you have room, install a padded bench. If your space is a little tight, then a stool or something similar can still meet your needs when you need to sit down to put on or take off a certain garment.

Shoe Organizing
We traditionally think of shoe storage as being close to the ground, but that does not have to be the case. You can install floor to ceiling shoe shelves to make sure that all of your favorite pieces have a place to rest in between uses.

Make sure to include everything you want in your dream walk-in closet. Hopefully these ideas will help you get started.

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