How to Prepare for Hardwood Flooring Installation

Hardwood floors are the envy of many homeowners. Once you have purchased your hardwood flooring, the next step is to prepare for the installation process. Proper preparation eases the installation and ensures that your new hardwood floor is installed without hitches. Below we explain ways that you can prepare for your hardwood flooring installation.

First, our installation contractor(s) will arrive at your home to view the site. Show them where the hardwood is being installed and explain any special considerations. You should also take this opportunity to ask any questions you may have. For example, learn how long the installation process will take and what level of noise disturbance you should expect.

Another critical part of hardwood installation preparation is storing the timber itself. It is a requirement that the hardwood timber be stored on site for a few days before the installation. This allows the timber to acclimate to the environment in relation to temperature and moisture. This important step helps prevent timber warping once the installation has been carried out. That said, expect to have the timber stored in your garage or other rooms in your house.

On the day of installation, you will be required to clear all the of the rooms in which the flooring will be installed. This will entail removing any furniture and appliances from the floor. Plan to have a few people around to help you with this. In some cases, the installation workers may undertake this role. Discuss this with them in advance in order to avoid a stalemate on the important day.

Once work begins, expect a certain level of interference. There is going to be some noise as the workers hammer and drill into your floor. You should also expect some dust from the sanding and smoothing process. In addition to that, expect that certain areas in your home will be taken over by the workers. Movement will be limited around the house.

Once the process is complete, you will not be able to occupy your spaces right away. You will need to give the floors a few days for the adhesive to dry. Once this period is over, you will be free to reclaim your newly-floored rooms. Be cautious not to scratch or dent your new hardwood. Place furniture and appliances carefully and lay carpets or rugs where necessary