Autumn is a wonderful time of year, with pleasant temperatures, the explosion of color, school and activities starting again, and family holidays to enjoy. It is not all good, though. Fallen leaves, dirt from outside, the rain, and all those people coming and going can wreak havoc on your floors. The good news is that there are ways to prevent them from looking dirty or from getting damaged. Here are some tips for keeping your flooring looking fine in the fall.


The fact is, you should have a mat in your entrance during every season, but most importantly in the fall. Leaves can stick to shoes and end up on your floor, as can water and mud. A doormat gives you a spot to wipe your feet and leave your shoes. It is even better if it is washable and can be easily tossed in the machine for a quick cleaning.


Sweep your floors as often as possible. If you are ever bored while hanging around the house, you can never go wrong with sweeping. Not only will removing debris keep your floor looking good, but that debris can end up scratching your floor.

Take Care of Water

Standing water can cause an incredible amount of damage through mold and rot. Make sure that you clean up anything that drips on your floors as quickly as possible. As water sits on your floor, it can seep into the wood and cause rotting and warping.


In the fall, when the family is coming and going from school to practice or rehearsal, and guests are stopping by for special occasions, shoes will be constantly coming into your home. Getting visitors and family to remove their shoes can go a long way to keeping your floors looking great. If you have a rack or something else to place the shoes, that is even better as it will keep your entrance area neat and tidy. If you have a party or an event where taking shoes off would be impractical, then you can use carpet runners to protect the floor underneath.

Just because it is fall does not mean your floors have to suffer. Use these tips to make sure your floors keep their beauty all autumn long.

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