Sandi Graham, a designer at the prominent flooring manufacturer, Shaw Floors, knows that everyone wants a designer look in their home. That is why it is more important than ever to consult with a floor design specialist when choosing the color and texture of your new flooring.

Today’s floor stylists research a variety of carpet, hardwood, laminate and tile so they understand exactly how to best complement the style in your home. If you are using a particular color tone in one area of your home, a flooring stylist will be able to help you use color and texture to complement your personal style.

Choosing to update your current color scheme in the home is much less involved and cheaper than a full-scale remodel. In today’s economic climate, more consumers are choosing to update their interior designs. Adding a new motif to your home can be as easy as adding an area rug to your hardwood floor, or adding a backslash in the kitchen, explains Sandi Graham.

Shaw Floors can help you make the important decisions that come with a flooring update, like which color to choose and what palette works the best with your current home environment. Shaw even carries a high-end carpet collection called Visions Savvy Spaces. Adding carpet in one room will actually enhance the hardwood found in another. Using a two-tone carpet color is also a great way to add variety to your interior space.

Emily Morrow of Shaw Floors explains that today, consumers have greater access than ever to the latest styles, including an emerging trend in laminate flooring. As the quality of laminate grows, it can become more difficult to distinguish it from traditional wood flooring, but Morrow still advises against using both surfaces together.

She also provides valuable advice about the right combination of floors based on finish. It is important to keep these kind of details in mind as a matte tile will not look good close to a high gloss wood floor. Combining two extremes like this does not look good. Other texture combination tips include pairing casual carpet with hand-scarped hardwoods.

Shaw Floors offers an incredible range of flooring collections that will enable you to make the right design updates with ease, adding simplicity and luxury to your home interior without the hassle of hiring an interior designer. Update your style effortlessly today with Shaw Floors.