The following is a quick look at the process used by Shaw, one of our major flooring manufacturers, to determine color trends. A group of skilled and informed stylists from Shaw make it their mission to research and analyze color trends each year. It is their examination that is used to create the most recent flooring styles for your residential use.

Emily Morrow, director of Color, Style & Design at Shaw, has talked about how her group carries out their color research.

She says that when choosing colors and creating new trends for hard and soft surface lines, they investigate their current history and sales predictions, not forgetting the national and international furnishing and fashion styles.

Emily adds that the mission of their Color, Style & Design Team is to calculate upcoming style and color trends, established by what they learn through recurring travel around the world, global market, during runway fashion shows, economic changes, and international markets. They then employ their observations to their newest products.

Shaw sends its stylists to study regional colors and markets by traveling across the country and researching widely. The information collected by these stylists acts as a pivot to guide the development of leading and beautiful fashion flooring products.