Area Rugs Frequently Asked Questions

Many Minnesota homeowners have questions and concerns when they are are interested in area rugs. To help our clients address those concerns, we have answered some frequently asked questions regarding area rugs.

Area Rugs frequently asked questions:

I adore exotic rugs but I own traditional furniture. Will the two complement each other?
Rugs are adaptable and will balance with a variety of home styles, as long as your rug(s) harmonize with the colors and textures in the room.

My room has an abundance of patterns. Should I purchase a plain rug?
Not exactly. It is recommended, however, that you synchronize the colors and equalize the size and measurements of the rug with other materials within the room. When blending patterns, match the sizes. If the material on your bed has large print, get a reduced sized linear rug. A large-scale rug can offer a desirable central point in a room that has smaller sized patterns.

What is the recommended size of an area rig in my living room?
A large rug is usually recommended when your furniture is placed within the rug’s area. A 9’ x 12’ or 8’ x 11’ will create a boundary of flooring to show evenly on all sides. Smaller rugs tend to be utilized to define a social area.

What can I do with a rug to make a good first impression?
Choose a round or square design that expresses your personality and place it in the entryway. Ideally, the rug will cover a major part of the area, allocating an 18” to 24” border of floor to surround it.