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Twin Cities hardwood flooring installation company

It is the misguided notion of many homeowners in Minneapolis and St. Paul that installing their new hardwood floors on their own saves money. Contrary to this, hiring a professional hardwood flooring installation expert saves you money, time and frustrations. When it comes to the installation of hardwood floors, hiring a professional installer is the best way to go. The benefits of hiring a professional as opposed to doing it yourself are numerous.

For starters, it is important to demystify the notion that do-it-yourself projects save money by bypassing the fees a professional installer would charge. Before embarking on a DIY installation project, there are a number of costs to consider. The number one cost to consider is the cost of purchasing materials and equipment to be used in the subfloor preparation and installation. As a self installer, you are also bound to incur costs for the purchase of basic supplies such as adhesive, nails and sealant. Therefore, a DIY project may end up costing more than the fees charged by a professional installer.
Our professional installers bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in to the installation process. Hence, professional installers will be able to install your hardwood flooring correctly and efficiently. The disadvantage of doing it yourself is that you might lack some of the expertise needed in the installation process. This lack of expertise will lead to incorrect installation. It is important to note that most hardwood floor brands will only honor their warranty if the hardwood floor was correctly installed. Installing a hardwood floor is an investment, and the returns you get from the investment will depend on how much you put in to it.

Hardwood floors are made from different materials and the physical features vary. In this regard, installation of hardwood flooring installation requires expert assistance. A professional installer is able to determine the best method to use in the installation. For instance natural installation of stone floors tend to be more complex than ceramic or porcelain tile floors. The materials will need to be cut and polished appropriately for a polished end result. Now that you have understood the benefits of hiring a professional installer, why not call the professionals at Galaxie Floor Stores. We provide you with expert advice on the best installation methods and guarantee efficient and proper installation of your floor.