Duracryl International B.V. and InstaFloor N.A. Form Partnership

Two strong flooring industry companies are coming together in a partnership. Duracryl International B.V. and Instafloor N.A. will work together to bring Corques Liquid Lino (CLL) which is a linoleum product that self levels, to the North American Market. Duracryl is a manufacturer of seamless and durable floor coverings. Their products are ideal for both residential and commercial use. They are based in Rotterdam, Netherlands. InstaFloor is based out of Dallas, but they are a subsidiary of InstaGroup, a company headquartered in the UK. They supply flooring products such as their InstaLay and InstaCradle installation systems.

The partnership is a natural fit between the two companies. CLL is a great complimentary product to InstaFloor’s InstaLay and InstaCradle technologies. InstaFloor were very impressed when they were offered the product for testing, and felt that it was an easy decision to integrate it with their existing products. Duracryl has been looking to get into the North American market, and found a perfect partner in InstaFloor, who have been operating in the market for many years.

They consider CLL to be the first of its kind. It is a resilient, liquid-applied floor covering, which has never existed before. It can be applied in both commercial and residential settings. It is created from natural resins, wood, flour, cork, and limestone. It will also feature natural pigmentation. This makes it very safe for use in school, hospitals, and any other setting. High-traffic areas that need a hygienic and seamless floor covering will find a great fit with CLL. As well, it will be packaged in buckets, which makes for easy transportation.

Currently, CLL is available in 54 standard colors, but they can produce any color to match a building’s decor. It is seamless and self-adhering, so installation is easier because there is no need for welding or cutting, or extra adhesives. These factors also make it more cost-effective than other flooring options. It is simply applied as a liquid, and is self-leveling. When it is installed over InstaLay, it creates and anti-fatigue floor and provides acoustic benefits.

There are times when partnerships just make sense. When two world leaders in an industry get together to bring a product to a new market, only great things can happen for both the industry and the consumer.

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