A Guide to Flooring For Your Porch

It is probably safe to say that for many people, the flooring for their porch is an afterthought. The fact is, there are many styles of porch flooring from which to choose, so there is definitely something that will suit your needs. There are two classifications of porch floors: wood and concrete. Wood provides an elegant and rustic feel, but it takes more work to maintain. Concrete is becoming more popular for this reason, and many people would rather not have to spend so much time on it. Concrete is poured into a slab of the chosen shape, and then is sealed to protect it from water seepage. It is then stamped with whatever design is chosen.

For wood floors, perhaps the most popular choice is Southern Pine. It is naturally resistant to termites and rot. If it is pressure treated, then it will be more durable as well. It is essentially constructed the same as a deck if it does not have an awning covering it. If there is a cover, then you can use a thinner wood, down to 1 inch, as opposed to 2 when it is exposed to the elements.

The tongue and groove technique is usually used to install wood porch floors. With this method, it can be a simple install process. Tongue and groove means that you match up the groove on one board to the tongue of another, and hold it in place with a nail. Pieces must be cut precisely to make sure everything fits and lines up.

This type of interlocking wood can also be installed overtop of concrete in case you decide that you no longer want that type of floor for your porch. Also, it can be easily taken up and changed into a different pattern with little effort if you so wish. It would be almost like having an entire new floor without having to spend any additional money.

On top of the materials used and the pattern in which they are laid, you can also choose what colors you want. You can use paint, or stain the wood to bring out the natural color. The sky is essentially the limit when it comes to porch flooring styles.

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