A Guide to Cleaning Bamboo Floors

Bamboo flooring is an elegant and durable option for the home, and has become widely popular in recent years. Bamboo is meant to last the homeowner a long time. To get years and years out of your bamboo, you should regularly clean it for a great appearance and general upkeep. If you’re not quite sure how to clean your bamboo flooring, we’re here to help supply you with methods to maintain the quality of your beautiful floors.

Light Force, Light Moisture
When you clean bamboo, you do not want to clean with too much moisture otherwise you risk warping the wood. Any spills must be cleaned up immediately, and any messes that involve oily substances must be provided with special attention. These particular stains can cause a stubborn stain in the flooring. It is vital that you are gentle in cleaning bamboo. If you scrub too hard or use material like steel wool, you risk damaging your wood floors.

Clean Mats and Shoes
If there is an entryway that leads right to your bamboo flooring, it’s best to keep a mat outside to collect the small materials from the outdoors that can damage your floors. Materials such as pebbles, sand and small glass fragments could reap havoc on bamboo if not taken care of. The best thing you can do is keep a mat outside or far from your bamboo, so it can absorb the materials brought in. Be sure to keep both your mat and your shoes clean, to further reduce any dirt and grime from being exposed to your floors. While bamboo is highly durable, there’s no need to put an immense amount of pressure on it just to prove its durability. Practice these methods for long lasting floors and easier house cleaning.

Products to Use
Besides water to clean bamboo flooring, products that can be used to clean bamboo floors can be used to clean other types of wood flooring as well. The only stipulations that comes along with bamboo is that the finish must be non-alkaline, and it can’t be a wax because wax will impact the finish on the floor. When in doubt, be sure to refer an expert either by phone or by retailer (we’ll be happy to help you). Whatever product you use, be sure to distribute it evenly over your bamboo flooring, don’t let it run and damage the floor.

With these simple methods, you’ll be able to get years of beautiful bamboo flooring. If you’re interested in installing bamboo in your home, or have questions about bamboo or any type of flooring, we at Galaxie Floor Stores would be thrilled to help you with anything you need. Call us at our Apple Valley (952) 891-5100) or Bloomington (952) 881-5825) locations.