6 Top Flooring Trends for 2019

The flooring in your home may seem timeless, but if you are looking at installing new flooring this year, you definitely want to stay on top of the trends. Here are some that will be big in 2019.

Green Flooring
No, we’re not talking about the color green. We are talking about using environmentally friendly materials. These include cork, engineered wood, and bamboo. Recycled materials are also popular. More and more people are looking to leave a lighter footprint on the earth.

Tile floors in your bathroom don’t have to be the same color or even shape. Mosaics, especially black and white, are a hot choice in 2019. Some of the more popular styles are herringbone, chevron, and subway tiles. In some cases, the entire floor may be white, but the tiles will be different shapes, which adds a stunning visual appeal.

Tiles Masquerading as Wood
Perhaps the biggest current trend in flooring is tiles for the kitchen and bathroom that look like wood. You can get them in an amazing amount of colors and styles, and they look very realistic. Lighter tones tend to be the most popular.

Rustic Kitchen

It seems like the rustic farmhouse kitchen will always be popular. To get that look with your flooring, you can choose longer planks that are also wide. Use recycled wood that looks aged to give that rustic vibe.

Gray Hardwood

Gray hardwood has not been a popular choice for homes, but it is making huge inroads, especially in kitchens and bathrooms. They give off a modern feel, and go well with stainless steel appliances.


Everyone wants flooring that draws the eye and may even spark conversation. More and more homeowners are choosing exotic woods in unique colors. These woods, like teak, iroko, and wenge, provide a stunning alternative to domestic woods.

Keep your floors on the cutting edge by following these trends for 2019.