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How to prepare for your carpet installation

The manner in which a carpet is installed has a major impact on the how the carpet functions and how long it lasts. If you are planning to have carpet installed, this article will help you to understand what the installation process entails and what you should do to facilitate a smooth installation.

Our carpet installation professionals will visit your premises beforehand to determine the most efficient methods for installation. We will take measurements of your rooms and assess what tools we need for the job. At this point, feel free to ask us any questions regarding the installation. If you have any special requests, let us know.

On the day of the installation, you will need to create a working area for installation team. A garage, the driveway or one of the rooms will suffice. Clear this space. You will need to clear all of the rooms where the carpet will be installed as well. Of course, we can move the furniture for you if the agreement calls for it. If the responsibility lies with you, remove furniture and appliances from the rooms. If you can completely empty the rooms, the easier the process will be. This will enable the installation team to work quickly and cause minimal damage.
When the carpet installation process starts, the installation team will remove the old carpet first. The installation team will then lay the new carpet and its underlay. Your doors may need to be unhinged for the edges to be installed properly.

Once the installation is complete, you can move your furniture and appliances back in their place. However, pay attention not to tear, stain or pull on the fresh carpet.

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