Minneapolis Flooring Services

Our Flooring Services Include:



As part of our premium flooring services, we offer several options for financial assistance. Please contact us for information. [Learn more.]

Free In-home Measurement

Figuring out which floor type, design, and style to put in your home can be a stressful enough task without worrying about dimensions and supplies. Our professionals will come out and do an in-home measurement of your floor plan so as to determine the quantities you will need, while ensuring there is no unnecessary waste with your purchase. Contact us for additional information.


The experts at Galaxie Flooring are not only here to help you select your floor design and handle measuring for supplies. Our years of experience in the industry ensure you not only get a quality expert floor, but also peace of mind with your decision. To schedule an installation date and time, please contact us. [Learn more.]

flooring services

Interior Design Consultation

Not the most expressive or art-oriented person? Not a problem. Our experts can work with you step by step to create a space that that reflects both your personal taste, as well as your lifestyle. The designers at Galaxie are skilled in the areas of flooring, cabinetry, coloring, and window treatment, all with the intent of giving your home the expressive, comfortable feel you have always wanted.

Want to learn more about the flooring services we offer? Contact us today or stop by one of our Twin Cities locations.

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