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    We have seen incredible advancements in the design and quality of vinyl flooring. Like hardwood and tile, vinyl comes in a large assortment of designs, colors and patterns and is one of the more quality and budget-friendly products currently available for home flooring plans.

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    Although harder surface floors are much easier to maintain than carpets or rugs, vinyl does still require some routine maintenance in order to maintain the quality, durability and appearance of your flooring. Our tips to help you keep your vinyl flooring looking as new as the day it was installed.

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    Our experts are skilled, knowledgeable and ready to ensure the highest quality floor installation for your home or office. Once you have decided on the most suitable substance and pattern for your floors, we will take care of the installation.

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Are you looking for new vinyl flooring?

Purchase beautiful vinyl flooring for your Minneapolis / St. Paul area home or office.

Vinyl can mirror the look of other flooring options; it is easily installed and is easy to maintain. It resists staining, dissimilar to many flooring options. It reduces noise that other flooring styles can redistribute. Vinyl is also exceptionally solid. It holds up well under a great deal of movement. At Galaxie Floor Stores, we pride ourselves on providing quality floors to our Minneapolis + St. Paul customers.

Destructive bacteria can develop in low quality flooring. This type of floor alleviates this issue by not permitting spills to infiltrate the surface. Vinyl flooring is easy to clean because spills do not soak into the flooring. Instead, spills and messes stay on top of the surface until they are tidied up.

Vinyl flooring comes in a vast assortment of colors and patterns. These patterns and colors can be blend coordinated or can be used to make a border simply by choosing different colors for the edge of the floor.

Installation is easy and can be finished in under a day for most ordinary sized rooms. Our installation team can finish the job in only a couple of hour. A consistent person who has no experience will obviously take longer, but can still finish the task in one day. Instructions are available and there are many websites that offer tutorials on the most proficient method to install vinyl flooring.

Another advantage of vinyl flooring is its durability. It holds up exceptionally well in high movement areas and in rooms that need continuous cleaning such as kitchens, bathrooms, and entryways. It is ideal for indoor use because of its strength.

Solid, hardwood and tile shaded vinyl can give one the look of an expensive floor with a great deal less cost. It is truly one of the most cost-efficient flooring options for both home and business owners.