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cork flooring

If you are interested in buying new cork flooring, contact the Minneapolis – St. Paul flooring professionals at Galaxie Floor Stores. Stop by one of our Twin Cities showrooms, contact us online or call us at 952-881-5825. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why Buy New Cork Flooring?

Cork floors, which have been used in Europe for centuries, is now gaining popularity in the United States.

Known for its durability, resilience, and versatility, cork is now widely acknowledged for its eco-friendliness. Cork oak lives for more than 200 hundred years. It is harvested by hand and no trees are destroyed in the process.

The benefits of cork flooring include:

Easy installation. Cork flooring is eco-engineered. It can easily be installed over any floor type, including tiles. It does not require any glues, nails or chemicals for its installation.

Reduced noise transfer. Cork has intrinsic acoustic properties, which allows it to muffle sound. This is especially useful in apartments when the transfer of noise between floors is minimized.

Insulation properties. Cork flooring features a cushioned surface and due to its inherent insulation properties, it helps cut down on heating and cooling expenses.

Health benefits. Cork is hypo-allergenic and prevents the growth of mold and mildew due to its antistatic properties. It does not shed fibers or produce toxins.

Usefulness in the kitchen. Cork can be a boon in the kitchen thanks to its fire-resistance and flame-retardant properties. Additionally, the cushioning and elasticity provided by cork flooring can prevent the shattering of utensils.

Mechanical properties. Cork is easily pliable but scratch resistant. It can last for more than a decade with minimal or no maintenance.

Resistant to penetration of liquids. This quality makes it ideal for bathroom flooring. In fact, that is the reason why cork oak is used for making wine bottle stoppers.

Aesthetic properties. Cork flooring is known for its mottled appearance and its ability to stand out. Available in a wide range of patterns and colors, it can blend in with essentially any style of interior home or office design.