Epic Engineered Hardwood

Epic floors are revolutionizing the flooring industry. Epic floors by Shaw Floors are greener, denser, and harder than other engineered floors. Epic engineered hardwood floors can do what no other comparable hardwood floor can do.

Epic is premium engineered hardwood offering long-term performance where other conventional solid and engineered hardwoods can’t. It’s more advanced visually and technologically. Epic also offers a wide range of sizes, textures, species, and even price points making it an extremely versatile product.

How else is it superior?
It goes where other floors cannot – over concrete and it does not require acclimation.

Epic’s ⅜” EnviroCore is denser than all other engineered floors, including solid oak. Why is this important? The denser its center, the better overall performance and stability it will have. Epic, however, does this with environmental respect and responsibility in mind. It offers more “solid” wood fiber per cubic inch than other engineered hardwoods and solid oak.

Epic uses fewer resources because its EnviroCore is made from every part of a tree. It uses 50 percent percent fewer trees. In other words, where it might take another hardwood floor two trees for their ⅜”, it takes one tree for Epic at the same ⅜”.

Epic’s EnviroCore has been recognized by the US Environmental Protection agency as Third Party Certified and is in compliance with their guidelines on Environmentally Preferable Products. In order to obtain this certification, products must be 100 percent recycled and-or recovered fiber and meet certain requirements for formaldehyde emissions.

Other important details about Epic:

It comes in various species: premium oak, hickory, cherry, maple, and walnut. It also comes in two widths and three finishes. There is a lifetime wear warranty on Epic. It qualifies for home LEED certification and it is made in America.

EnviroCare’s inner core consists of all recycled wood byproducts. This improves its ability to better tolerate moisture over traditional or engineered hardwood. This allows for installation on, above or below grade, something that is not possible with every type of flooring material.

The fact that Epic is precision milled allows for faster installation. There are no warped or bowed boards to deal with. It comes with an advanced tongue and groove system to make it easier for glue installation.

Lastly, Epic is phenomenal in regards to stability with seasonal expansion. Overall, Epic is a serious competitor for all of its tremendous benefits when compared to all other traditional and engineered hardwood floors.