What is the difference between porcelain tile compare and ceramic tile?

Porcelain Tile:

  • Is significantly thicker and more solid. This results in tile that is resilient against liquid penetration.
  • Has a reduced rate of fluid absorption. This makes it appropriate for interiors and exteriors in all environments
  • Is known for its resistance to frost
  • Has superior strength
  • Is less expensive than natural stone
It is critical to understand that all porcelain is ceramic but not all ceramic is porcelain. Explicitly, porcelain is ceramic that has reduced liquid absorption, a result of its thickness. This makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Ceramic Tile:

  • Has a tendency to be more affordable than porcelain
  • Its cutting during installation is an easy process
  • Has more existing color choices
Whether you choose porcelain or ceramic tile, you are selecting a superior product you can use for generations.