Linoleum Flooring Benefits

Linoleum flooring is a durable, affordable flooring that has been popular in home design since the early 1900s. Linoleum is a plastic-like product that is made from natural ingredients include a mix of linseed oil, tree resin, wood, cork, and limestone. Because linoleum is made from renewable ingredients, it has become regained a recent popularity because it is a great choice for an eco-friendly home remodel.

Linoleum floors are made with a strong coating that makes them one of the most durable floors on the market. They are great for high-traffic areas, which is why they have been a very popular choice for schools in the past. For homes they make a great flooring for high traffic areas like mudrooms, kitchens, and hallways. With that being said, they’re not highly recommended for moisture-ridden areas, like bathrooms, because they are easily affected by humidity.

Linoleum floors can come in an array of different styles and colors because they are fashioned with pigments and can be personalized to an array of different designs. There is a design for practically any home, at an affordable price. Linoleum is very versatile in shape and appearance, so not only can it be made with an array of shapes and colors, it can be made to mimic the appearance of other flooring like hardwood, tile, and stone. Often times linoleum is much cheaper than the flooring it appears to look like, and is typically a lot more durable.

Linoleum floor tiles can also be self-installed very easily as a DIY project. Solid linoleum flooring, not sold in a tile form, requires special equipment and is recommended to be done professionally. With that being said, linoleum flooring is a relatively quick installation process and takes significantly less to achieve than other flooring like tile and hardwood- so if you are looking for a quick and efficient way to update your home, linoleum can be a fantastic choice.

There are an array of reasons why people choose linoleum flooring. It’s price, durability, versatile style, and ease of installation make it a fantastic choice for any interior design style.

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