How to Prevent Damage to Your Rug

Adding a nice rug to a room can add to its aesthetic and to its warmth. However, depending on what room it is, it may be vulnerable to damage from traffic or other things like rolling office chairs. Rolling chairs over time can cause wrinkling, buckling, and holes. There are ways to keep your carpet or rug looking great for a long time, however. Here are some tips.

Clear Plastic Mat

A clear plastic mat is an inexpensive option to protect your rug. You can also choose a rubber option that will do the trick as well. The problem with these options, is that they might not be good options if you have a concrete foundation. It might sound strange, but it’s true. The moisture in the concrete from the soil underneath seeps up over time. Since this moisture regularly passes through carpets, it usually just dries and evaporates. If there is a plastic mat blocking the moisture’s path, then it starts to collect as condensation. This can cause mildew and mold, and the carpet or rug can deteriorate.

Wood Mats

To prevent condensation from wreaking havoc on your rug and floor, a masonite or other wood-based floor mat may be more appropriate. These types of mats “breathe”, which means they allow for air-flow so the condensation can evaporate and vent away from the floor. Your desk chair will also roll very easily across wood, so it has increased function as well.


Another option is to construct a platform upon which your desk and chair can rest. This not only protects the rug, but it can also be an appealing part of the decor. A raised platform will help define the spaces in the room, and you can cover it in hardwood, laminate, or even tile to match the room’s aesthetic. You can make it any shape, and it can be detached as well, so you’re able to move it if you change the room around.

A rug or a carpet can add so much visual appeal and character to any space. Use these tips to protect it as best you can to ensure it lasts throughout the years.