Your carpet can attract any number of odors that can get trapped in the fibers and stink up your home. Pets, smoke, food, and mold are all examples of things that can make your carpet smell. Sometimes using a steam cleaner is not the best option, because the moisture can often make the smell worse. Often, the homeowner has gotten so used to the smell that they do not even realize it is there. Here are some ways to keep your carpets odor-free.

Baking Soda

For a common household item, baking soda can sure perform a lot of miracles. Simply sprinkle it on your carpet, let it sit for 15 minutes, and vacuum it up. Some baking soda brands will recommend sprinkling every day, but that is probably not necessary. The baking soda refreshes the carpet and kills unwanted odors.

Carpet Deodorizers

There are many commercial products on the market for deodorizing your carpets. They come in spray types as well as powders. They are often developed to eliminate odors as opposed to simply covering them up. If you just use air freshener, then the smell will return once the freshener fades away. Many of these products are specifically designed to battle specific odors, like pets or smoke.

Other Household Odor Remedies

Besides baking soda, there are some other home remedies that can help un-smell your carpet. Various recipes can be found on the Internet that involve vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and even mouth wash. For these solutions, it is important to make sure they will not ruin your carpet when you use them.

Moist Carpets

Moisture might be the worst thing for a carpet. If water is left sitting, it will seep down into the carpet pad, where it can grow mold and other nasty elements. It is important to dry up any spills as quickly as possible so that they do not grow into bigger problems.

Of course, if home remedies are not doing the trick for you, then some professional help might be necessary. A professional carpet cleaner will have stronger products and techniques that they can use to get smells out. Contact a professional today if you think you need some extra help.