It’s common to be excited about choosing the color and style of your kitchen cabinets. However, you must not forget to take the time to choose the perfect hardware for those cabinets. The choice of handles can make or break your kitchen cabinet aesthetic. Here are some things to consider when choosing your hardware.

Handles are the most noticeable pieces of hardware on kitchen cabinets. There are many choices, from knobs, to pulls, to cut-outs, to spring mechanisms, to finger pulls. All of these have their benefits. For instance, knobs are versatile and come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s always a style that will suit your cabinets. Finger pulls are a more modern choice. You simply insert your finger into the cup and pull towards you. These, along with cutouts, can provide a safer option as well, since there is very little protruding from the cabinets. Spring mechanisms have become incredibly popular as minimalist design has gotten very trendy. These will make it look like there are no handles at all. To open a door, you press on the corner, and the catch will release, opening the door.

Hinges are not as visible as handles, but they are no less crucial. There are over twelve different types of hinges, and what style you choose will depend on your cabinet doors. If you have face-frame cabinets, then the hinges will be attached directly to the frame. These are the most common kind of cabinets. However, more and more homeowners are choosing frameless cabinets. For these cabinets, the hinges will be mounted on the inside of the cabinet. You also need to choose whether you want your hinges to be a feature, or less visible.

Sliding tracks can be side, center, or undermounted. This will depend on how much space there is in the opening for the drawer. Soft-close ball bearing slides will close slowly, so that things don’t rattle around.

As you can see, there are many options for hardware for kitchen cabinets. Take the time to choose what’s best for your cabinets.