Prior to buying new flooring, you should think about how you use the space, who will use the space and what your budget is. The answers to these questions could impact the flooring best suited to your purpose and lifestyle.

Area rugs. Area rugs are the perfect solution for those who like change the look of the room often and don’t want to commit to one design option. Area rugs allow you to change out the rugs easily and whenever you want. Unless you are purchasing an antique rug, area rugs are less expensive and less complicated than a full carpet installation.

Carpet. Carpet immediately softens any room. They are often used in bedrooms, living or family rooms. They can provide the feeling of luxury and anchor a room. Carpets come in hundreds of styles, materials, sizes, patterns and colors. Today, they also are more stain and wear resistant than ever and are extremely versatile in their usage. When selecting a carpet, you should consider whether a synthetic or natural fiber carpet would be meet your needs.

Laminates. Laminates are the work horse of flooring and have been around for decades. If you are on a tighter budget but need a good solution for flooring, you can use a laminate floor. Thanks to advanced technologies, laminates now come in many styles and can very closely imitate hardwood or stone floors. These are not the same laminates of the 1950s. These floors are scratch and stain resistant, making them perfect for high traffic areas and homes with kids and pets. They also clean easily.

Hardwood. You can rarely go wrong with hardwoods in your home. They never go out of style, can bring elegance to any space and are a classic and timeless flooring option. They can bring warmth underfoot.

Tile or Stone. Tile and stone have been used since ancient times in homes and other dwellings and are still popular today, particularly in warmer climates or in bathrooms or outdoor spaces. You can play with textures, layouts, colors and designs. You can put tile or stone inside or outside, on the floor or on the walls. There is a tile or stone for every budget.