Extending the Lifespan of Your Wood Floor

Every homeowner hopes their wood flooring stays as pristine as possible. How you treat and maintain your surface plays a big role in its lifespan. Here are some tips to get the most out of your wood flooring.

Clean your floors properly

When it comes to cleaning wood floors, it is not only about how often you clean it. It is about how you clean it. Dirt and grime left unattended can actually damage floors. You should sweep your floors as often as possible, or vacuum the floor on a setting that is safe to use on wood. When cleaning a spill or stain, wipe it up immediately and use a soft cloth when doing so. If you decide to mop, make sure your floor is clear of grime and debris to prevent damage.

Prevent easily preventable damage

To avoid damage from debris, put mats at all necessary entryways to prevent dirt and grime from coming onto your wood floor. It is wise for you and your guests to remove shoes before entering the house. If you allow shoes in your house, be cautious of high-heeled footwear cleats as they are more likely to cause damage.

When you have damage

When you have a scratch on your floor, there do-it-yourself steps that will solve your problem. Find a crayon that matches your surface and fill it in. After that, apply heat with a blow dryer for one minute, then buff the area down.

Alternatively, consider putting a teabag into boiling water, then bring it down to room temperature. Soak a soft cloth in the tea and wipe the scratched area down. Simply dry and buff the area afterwards.

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