A nice area rug can really pull a room together and provide some visual appeal to any space. There is a lot more to it than just style and color, though. To truly get the piece you want, you should take many factors into consideration. Here are some of the criteria you need to consider to get the best area rug for your space.

Whether you want the rug in a hallway or a specific room, it will make an impact on your choices. If it is a high-traffic area, you will want to avoid white or other light colors. Darks and neutral tones would probably work best for that location. In a bedroom, you may want something fluffy and comfortable for getting out of bed on cold mornings.

Your Lifestyle
This may seem trivial, but if your lifestyle involves pets and children, then you will want a rug that is durable and does not show stains easily. Otherwise you will just have to buy a new one pretty soon after.

Care and Maintenance
You may have your own preferences for how often you need to maintain your rug. Some rugs only need an occasional vacuuming to look its best. Others require a strict vacuum regimen and regular cleaning to stay fresh-looking.

Purpose Of The Rug

Is your new rug going to be used in a bedroom? Or will it be used in a living room space? These could all have an impact on your decision. You may want fluffy and comfortable, or you may want something durable if you plan on using it to wipe shoes.


Your new area rug should fit the style of the room or space in which it is being placed. Make sure that any patterns do not clash with the rest of your decor, and neither should the colors.


Unless you are one of the lucky ones, then your budget should always play a factor. You may not be able to afford exactly what you want, but you do need to balance what you want with how much you have to spend. Chances are there is a rug just right for you at a price that suits your budget.

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