We all had the misfortune of staining our carpet by accident, then worrying about stains. Of course there is a lot to worry as not all stains are equal and some happen to persist for a very long time. Others will be gone visually, but will leave some pretty unpleasant smell behind as a result. In many cases you will need to have professional carpet cleaning done if you want to get things back to normal, as this will allow you to save the carpets you already own without making a mess out of it. The following examples will explain how you can deal with light stains without a fuss, but if you feel your carpet needs better cleaning, then you should go for hiring a company:

  • There are many items you could use that may leave some really bad stains, such as wine, berries, fruit juice, ketchup, tomato sauce, hard candy and fizzy drinks. You should start by working on the spot as soon as it happens, allowing you to handle the spots as soon as they appear. Grab a piece of cloth and start with some detergent, dabbing the location in it and pressing down for a few seconds. Leave something on it to allow it to soak in and break down the spot for 15 minutes or so. Use something to soak up the spot and dry it up. Use a bit of distilled white vinegar solution in water and soak the place up, then rinse it with warm water. Wait for an hour and let the place dry. Avoid rubbing if you can as this will only make the problem worse. If you have any really bad stains, you should go for finding a carpet cleaning company instead.

  • Some stains will have an even more pervasive origin, such as made from cooking oil, butter and cheese, as well as nail polish or salad dressings. You will need solvent applied to a piece of white cloth. Dab the place with care and press down on the spot for a few seconds, then rinse it out once again with warm water. Lift it with warm water and then wait until it is dry once more. If you have doubts, then let the carpet cleaners handle it all.

  • Dirt and mud will be a bit of a problem, but nothing you can’t handle fairly easily with some careful cleaning. You will need to begin this by vacuuming the location of the stain or the rug itself, getting most of the loose bits out of the way. Dab the area with detergent after that and rinse it with clean water when you’re done. Let the spot dry and repeat if you feel you need to.

  • Chewing gum can be a really annoying problem in most cases, but you can deal with it fairly easily by using ice cubes to cool it down. Rub the spot and allow the gum to harden. This will make it brittle and easier to break and clean. Just hit it with a blunt object and sweep or vacuum the remaining pieces. Use a bit of solvent to remove the smaller bits and rinse the spot well once you’re done.