How does bamboo perform against spill and liquids?

Although bamboo can naturally withstand the impact of water and other liquids, stagnant puddles can sip into the planks and cause damage. As a result, you should avoid wet mopping and do your best to soak up spills as soon as they occur.

How is bamboo flooring installed?

Bamboo flooring installation usually depends on the kind of existing floor, sub-floor, and application methods. The following are three basic ways to go about the installation process.

  • Nail-down method
  • Floating method
  • Glue-down method

Is bamboo flooring a single layer or is it engineered?

Bamboo flooring is solid, which means it is made using only bamboo materials. Engineered flooring has different layers of wood under the bamboo strips. Solid bamboo is eco-friendly, stronger, and much more durable. You can refinish it in the future if you wish.

What chances does bamboo flooring have against pet scratching?

To deal with pet scratching, you should acquire the 10-coat scratch resistant finish flooring that can withstand wear and tear for years. Keep in mind that all hardwood floors are susceptible to scratches and dents. Make sure you trim the claws on your cats and dogs.

Will bamboo flooring be ideal regardless of my area in the county?

Bamboo flooring is ideal for any climate as long as it is adequately acclimated. Keeping in mind that bamboo is a natural material that can contract and expand due to humidity; the best thing you can do is to avoid distortion and gaps by removing the planks from their boxes, precede to sticker-stack them, and allow them to adjust to the environment. This can take five days, but can be much longer depending on the levels of moisture in the section. The best time for installation is when the moisture content between the floor and the sub-floor is below three percent.