Renovating any room can be a fascinating journey, but restoring a bathroom might seem more complicated and stressful than other places. That’s because you have to work around immovable fixtures (sinks, toilets, showers, etc.) and typically–unless you’re replacing everything–the tiles should complement the rest of your room. Another thing you have to consider is that flooring isn’t just used for the floors of the bathroom, so you should consider spicing up your design with wall tiles, but it is essential that they work well with the floor tiles and offer a beautiful yet cohesive design. So to reduce the stress of renovating your bathroom, here are four tips to follow to help you find the perfect tile for your bathroom.

1. Always pick the one you’re inspired by the most
When redesigning a bath, many of us will have a vision of what our dream bathroom looks like. Don’t settle for less! It’s good to pick a slab of tile that you envision as the “perfect” one because you can always design the rest of the bathroom (such as paint color, cabinetry, light fixtures, and decor) off the tile you choose. But you also might find that the flooring is a bit too much, and you want to change course–but that’s okay! Sometimes what is genuinely needed in great bathroom design is a simple tile, with other parts of the room having unique characteristics.

2. Don’t pick too many samples

It can be fun to shop for tile, so naturally many of us will wind up with multiple examples. But if you tend to lean on the more indecisive side, it can be frustrating finding the right tile, especially if you are doing the project without the help of a professional bathroom renovation designer. Use your first “must-have” tile as a starting point, and branch off from there. If you want to grab an unnecessary amount of tile, then make sure they are accent tiles–you don’t want to overdo it with choosing too many unique pieces because then you will never decide on a design for your bathroom’s tile plan.

3. Don’t overdo the design

Nowadays, there are a ton of beautifully crafted tiles that can correctly show off your personality and creative side, but you should only stick to one show stopping tile. Keep the majority of your renovation design simple and let the tile do the talking. But suppose you already plan on having other elements of the room boast uniqueness, or you have another aspect be the focal point, then it might be in your best interest to keep the tile timeless. You can even have the majority of the tile be as simple as a plain white tile, with pops of colorful tile, or also contrast the tile work with wall tile.

4. Pick out maintainable tiles

Nobody likes to clean, especially when it comes to scrubbing the tiles on your floor. So to make your life more comfortable in the future, look for maintenance-free tiles. Some examples that are easy to care for are ceramic or porcelain based tiles. As beautiful as glass tile can be, it can be very slippery and smudges quickly. This means it needs to be cleaned more often than porcelain or ceramic-based tile. Natural stone based tiles are much more porous, which means they hold dirt and grime and are harder to maintain. They are also harder to install and typically is required to be sealed.