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Our Apple Valley Location

Address: 6808 151st St W #104, Apple Valley, MN 55124

Phone: (952) 891-5100

About Apple Valley, Minnesota

Apple Valley is located in Dakota County, Minnesota, right outside the twin cities. Its population of 49,084 ranks it as the 18th most populous city in the state. It was ranked in 17th place in Money Magazine’s best places to live in the United States in 2013. This ranking had been 28h just 7 years prior. It is truly a city on the rise.

Relatively speaking, Apple Valley is a new municipality, having been founded in 1969. However, it existed prior to this time under a different name, Lebanon Township. A real-estate developer named Orin Thompson bought up much of the land that is now Apple Valley after hiring a firm to figure out where the next property boom would be in the Twin Cities area. The firm was located in Apple Valley, California, and so the development took its name.

The city sits on a total landmass of 17.57 square miles. The main characteristic of the geography is that it is covered in hills. The elevation of the topmost point in the city is over a hundred feet from the lowest point. Downtown, which was the heart of the city in its beginning, is located in a valley. Much of the land surrounding Apple Valley is filled with quarries or remains undeveloped.

One of the biggest attractions to Apple Valley is the Minnesota Zoo. It holds a wide collection of wildlife, including tropical animals that aren’t seen in Minnesota, and species that are common in the state. The sections of the zoo are separated by “trails”. For example, there is the Tropics Trail, the Minnesota Trail, and the Northern Train. There’s an an aquarium showcasing the world’s fascinating marine life, and a penguin exhibit.

Every Fourth of July, Apple Valley hosts Apple Valley Freedom Days, which features a parade of of local luminaries and community groups. There are fireworks and other attraction as well.

In the winter, there is the Apple Valley Winter Carnival. This event features children’s events, ice skating, and other winter-themed activities.

There is much more to learn about Apple Valley than can fit on one page. Come visit and see for yourself!

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