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Area rug maintenance from Galaxie Floor Stores

Area rugs add a warm cozy feel to any home. Besides looking pretty, area rugs work overtime. They absorb a lot of dirt, odors, stains and mud from everyday use. People step on them, pets shed their hair and urinate on them and people smoke near and spill drinks on area rugs.An area rug that is regularly cleaned and maintained will last for a much longer period of time without becoming “raggedy”. One common mistake that homeowners make is to use regular carpet shampoo to clean area rugs. Carpet shampoos are usually designed for synthetic fiber wall-to-wall carpet. They are not designed to clean your wool area rug. Most rugs are made of natural fibers. Carpet shampoos can make the vivid dye on your rug bleed; ruining the color of the rug and potentially staining the floor under it. You may not always be able to correct this damage.

Should you spill some coffee or wine on your area rug, start by using a paper towel to blot any excess spill. Once the blotting is complete, take a little club soda and use it to coax the stain out. It is possible to get a cleaning company that specializes in the specific type of rug that you have, of course.

The process of cleaning an area rug is different from the process of cleaning a carpet. Carpet cleaners will steam clean your carpet just where it is. They use carpet cleaners and then they extract all the water, leaving a clean and dry carpet.
This process does not work for area rug cleaners. The natural fiber would hold on to detergent residues, which will cause the fibers to clump together. Natural fibers take much longer to dry – leading to mold developing. This means that area rugs are more vulnerable to bleeding colors and harsh detergents as well as moisture damage. The drying process can take one or two days.

A professional will visit your home to get a good look at your rug: its fibers, colors and general condition. They will then decide on the best cleaning solution based on the information they will have gleaned.

This would be a good time to ask any questions you might have in mind. Once you have decided on a cleaning service, they will take the rug with them for cleaning. Usually area rugs are closely inspected. They are thoroughly dusted using a mechanical process that uses gentle compressed air. This process will take out all the dust. After this the cleaners will manually clean the rug and rinse it in water gently so that the rich color is preserved.