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Removing Carpet ‘Dents’ Caused by Furniture

Heavy furniture often leaves a distinct dent on your carpet when left in one place for a long time. How effective you are at removing these dents primarily depends on the nature and extent of the damage. Below is our expert guide for removing dents and scarring stains based on how badly damaged the carpet is.

Minor dents

Heat up a steam iron and hold it a safe distance from the carpet in order to soften the dented area. Using a small prod, work the small fibers of the carpet from side to side and back and forth until they straighten out to resemble the rest of the carpet. If you do not have a steam iron, you can place an ice cube on the same dent and wait for it to melt, after which you can proceed to uncurl out the carpet hairs.

Deeper dents

You may have to dampen a heavy fabric – such as a bath towel – and lay it over the affected area. Using an iron, apply some pressure to the affected area and leave it there to dry. By combining heat with moisture, the carpet hairs will gradually uncurl to conceal the dent.

Stain removal

  • For wine, ink, and red juice, use a sponge and washing detergent. Be careful about using harsh chemicals that could damage your carpet.
  • For grease spots, dilute a cleaning liquid and only add small drops to the affected area. For the more delicate silk upholstery, you can dust with cornflour and leave it for about ten minutes, after which you can brush it off using a soft-brittle brush.

When cleaning the carpet with harsh chemicals such as methylated spirits, open the windows to allow fresh air into the room and keep children and pets away. Keep in mind some chemicals irritate the eyes and skin, so adhere to the recommended safety measures.